Digital Learning Day 2015 - New Braunfels ISD New Braunfels TX

Memorial Elementary, Tammy Villarreal

5th Grade Science - I'm using a lesson from STEMscopes on changing environments. Students play musical chairs and then when they are out, they are given an animal card with a scenario about what happened to their environment. Students will download and complete their Student Journal from STEMscopes in Notability which includes an explanation and drawing about what happens to their animal with that change of environment (MAD - Move, Adapt, Die?), and we will use Reflector to project their work and continue discussing.

5th Grade Math - We will use an app on their iPad called Geoboards to continue working on plane geometry. Students will create multiple types of triangles (equilateral, scalene, acute, right, etc.) and other geometric shapes and identify the angles by circling them with different colors based on directions, and students will calculate the perimeter and area of squares and rectangles. Students will take a screenshot on their iPad and create a note in Notability to turn into eBackpack."